About Us - Kihon MM - Desert Hot SpringsAbout Me

Hello I am Sensei Eddie Bates. I have been involved in Martial Arts for 17 years.

Through the teachings of 5th degree black belt, Allen Joslin, I achieved my first black belt in Isshinryu Karate in 2001. My second black belt is in Kihon MMA which I received in 2005 from Koncho Lloyd Russett who is a 10 degree red belt and the founder of Kihon MMA. I have also earned my purple belt in Brazilian ju jitsu. I am well traveled in the entire United States, Mexico and Canada learning all I can about the Martial Arts as an active competitor in tournament competitions and cage fighting.

About Us:

Kihon in Japanese meets basic. We are a well rounded art developed through Karate, boxing, Muay Thai, Ju Jitsu and Judo.

We are true to the tradition by studying and performing Japanese Katas. Ninety percent of all classes are hands on. We believe in physical training, which trains your body and your mind. In the real world people try to put their hands on you. We train for real world application.

Kihon MMA focuses on the development of children, ages 4-12, and adults ages 12-65. Our little ninja classes are ages 4-6, Intermediate ages 7-12. All classes compete in ju jitsu and pancration tournaments.

We also have a cage team who travels and fights all over the world. Our members consist of both
amateur and professional.

Kihon MMA classes are structured to teach all ages shapes and sizes. Anything you attempt in life starts at the bottom and then you push your way up to the top. Dedication, sacrifice, and the will to never give up have made KIHON MMA one of the strongest martial arts in the Coachella Valley.